To my Jamie/James:


Dear Jamie, My god…. Where do I start?? You have been there for me since day one. Writing this makes me much more than sad. I’m honestly so not ready to say goodbye to you. I’ve gotten so used to having you to lean on, what am I going to do? Even through the rare disagreements, I have always been thankful to have you and grateful that god gave me a second chance at life and put me here, and told me it was okay to let you in. Thank you for teaching me that there really is people that genuinely care about me, and that it is okay to let my guard down. That it is okay to trust people, and let people in. You made me feel wanted, and more importantly, you made me feel loved for the first time since I can remember. You never gave up on me, even when I gave up on myself. You helped me find the strength I never knew I had in me to push forward every single day.  You helped me realize I can be much more than I ever dreamed of being. You made me believe in myself. I’ve never strived to be anything because I didn’t think it was possible to be anything for people like I once was. I thought god dealt me the hand he did on purpose and that the only thing I was ever going to be good at was doing drugs. I would’ve thought I was dreaming if someone tole me I would be where I am today, a few months ago. I seriously couldn’t have made it this far without you. I never thought someone could ever impact my life as much as you have, especially this positively. I’ll never forget you. I will forever hold you closest to my heart. You’ve been the best mom figure that I thought I could only get in my dreams. Thank you for making me look  forward to waking up every morning. Thank you for helping me get through each day completely sober, for the first time since I can remember. I would’ve never thought this time would come, where I feel so empowered and without the help of a single drug in the world, but solely off of passion that is now so strong that I couldn’t have found without you. For all of this, I Thank you the absolute most.

Love – “A former resident”