Justin Wilson                            

Justin, who was born in Bennington, started working for Seall in June 2018. He has held various roles on multiple shifts and will help out covering extra shifts as needed.

Other than three years in Indiana, Justin has spent his whole life living in Bennington where he held jobs as a delivery truck driver for various companies prior to working at Seall.

Justin can be seen in bowling alleys in his spare time. He has three 300 games and three 800 series. Quite a feat! When not bowling, he likes to be outside playing corn hole, horseshoes and dirt bike racing. In addition, he spends time watching his niece and nephews.

Justin keeps a positive attitude on tough days by continuing to “push through” each day. He feels “rewarded” when he hears back from former residents and how they are doing.

He has this advice for new staff. “Don’t let what residents say get to you. Bring your thick skin and stay positive.”