Helen Carlone                             

I was born and raised in Troy, NY.  Prior to working at Seall as a counselor and being promoted to Training Coordinator, I worked as Assistant Program Manager with The Key Program, Inc., in Massachusetts.  I have varied experience from sales to receptionist to school bus driver.  Majoring in psychology and sociology, I graduated with dual bachelor’s degrees from SUNY Albany in 2013. 

June 2024 marks six years of being with Seall.  My teammates and supportive management staff are very helpful in getting through tough days.  They are invaluable resources.  Ensuring I make time for self-care, including using breathing techniques and reminding myself that “this too, shall pass” is also very important in helping me stay positive. 

My current position allows me to assist both staff and youth with growth and development.  My greatest joy comes from helping others recognize their potential and achieve their goals.  With our youth, I love walking through their challenges with them and celebrating even the baby steps.  With our staff, I love seeing their confidence grow as they confront the challenges of keeping our youth safe and engaged.  I’ve never felt more at home at work than I do at Seall.

Outside of Seall, I keep busy homeschooling my teenage children, volunteering for the Town of Hoosick Rescue Squad, or attending Taekwondo, where I achieved my blackbelt in Spring 2023.  I enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and spending time with family.

My advice to new hires is to know you are about to embark on one of the most challenging yet most rewarding adventures of your life. We operate under a team mentality here. Our youth depend on us to help them feel safe and cared for – something they may have been lacking for much of their lives.  Come to work each day with a smile in your heart, ready for anything.  Be ready to be that dependable, safe person they deserve.