Casey Sweet                              



Casey Sweet was born in Bennington and has always worked in residential as long as she can remember. She was up at VPI for 3 years and then left to come to Seall. She has been here ever since. It was 6 years as of August 2023.

Outside of work Casey likes anything to do with the outdoors. Fishing, dirt bikes and camping are just a few of hers and her families hobbies.

On those really tough days she tries to keep positive by looking on the bright side. The good days outweigh the bad. Coming back after a bad day lets the kids know you’re here for them and not giving up because of a tough day. Every day is rewarding from seeing my favorite co-workers and bosses, to seeing the kids being happy to see me.

We asked Casey, “What advice she would give a new hire?” She answered,” My best advice to a new hire would be to be patient and not take everything and anything too personal. Step back and take it all in. Every day is a learning experience. It’s a job that keeps on giving. When you go home at the end of the day knowing you made a difference in a youth’s day it is beyond rewarding.”